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Tropical Islands
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Tropical Islands as an Employer

Welcome to Europe's largest tropical holiday resort!

Your exotic workplace at one of Germany's largest accomodation facilities: diverse, colourful and exciting – that's how Tropical Islands presents itself.
We would like to invite you to explore this tropical world close to Berlin. Numerous opportunities and perspectives await those who want to get things moving!

View to the tropical Rainforest

The advantages at a glance:
  • inexpensive and nourishing lunches at the employees' restaurant
  • flexible working hours: part-time employment is also an option
  • our shuttle bus will bring you straight from the railway station to work for free
  • further education and training
  • lots of discounts in the tourist industry and on Tropical Islands products
  • our health management staff can provide individual examinations, fitness courses, body analyses and much more.
Good reasons to work at Tropical Islands

A company's employees are its heart and soul – because only if they are satisfied will they give their best for the company. We attach great importance to creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. A team that works well together and in which each member feels good is the best prerequisite for productivity and success.

Tropical Islands – What we are proud of

It all began with the largest free-standing building in the world and a vision that became reality in 2004 when a gigantic holiday resort covering an area of 66,000 square metres was built in the middle of the Märkische Heide.

Our tropical paradise now welcomes over 1,000,000 guests from all over the world each year. But Tropical Islands is far more than just a resort. It is the place for that perfect moment that becomes a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. 

Tropical Islands is also one of the leading employers in the region. This is another incentive for us to keep moving forwards, and we are very proud of this great responsibility.

Tropical Islands is one of the most exciting international leisure destinations: we make adults smile and children gape in amazement. We can do this because the whole team works together and gives its best every day, because our employees are motivated by the challenge and because they are convinced of their own value and that of their work.

We look forward to meeting each new person who wants to become part of this creative and dynamic process.

Tropical Islands - a world full of tropical exoticism in the middle of Germany: the world's biggest indoor rainforest, the Tropical Sea, the Lagoon and much more make this holiday paradise a unique place where dreams come true. A wide range of possibilities awaits guests and employees who are looking for something special.

We already have more than 500 members of staff working at various levels to ensure that our guests experience this magical tropical world as a unique place.

Construction of the airship hangars
Construction of the airship hangars
Aerial view of the open hall

The Tropical Islands Group –  
A diverse company offering diverse options for employment

The Tropical Islands Group consists of four GmbHs (limited liability companies): the Tropical Island Holding GmbH, the Tropical Island Management GmbH, the Tropical Island Hospitality GmbH, and the Tropical Island Asset Management GmbH.

Tropical Islands offers many different options for employment and we are always looking for new staff to enrich our company!