Leisure Centre Activities

Fitness Courses, Sport, Fun & Games at the Campsite

Enjoy an active holiday at Tropical Islands. Even in bad weather, the Tropical Campsite has loads to offer. 

Our Leisure Centre is located directly on the Campsite itself. It's got everything you need for team sports such as basketball, handball and dodge ball, as well as badminton, table tennis, boccia and other games.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Campsite Reception.

Hall rent/table tennis
Hall rent per person (to 7 people)
1 hour € 15.00
2 hours € 25.00
Hall rent for groups (of 8 people)
1 hour € 20.00
2 hours € 30.00
Day rent (max. 35 people)
8 hours € 80.00
table tennis tables (4 tables)
1 hour € 5.00
2 hours € 8.00

For just € 10.00 you can visit our professional fitness course to form your body!

Impressions from the workouts



Fitness course (€10.00)
Monday 5 p.m.-5.45 p.m. Fatburner - the ultimate calorie-killer Frank Kaerger
Monday 5.50 p.m-6.35 p.m. Body Power - fit for the day Frank Kaerger
Monday 6.40 p.m.-7.25 p.m. Preventative circuit training - for a strong back Frank Kaerger

Please note that the courses are held in German.

Opening Hours:
  • 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • for bookings and reservation please contact the reception in the CampShop


Subject to change without notice.

Tropical Islands als Arbeitgeber - folge dem Ruf der Tropen!

  • EXTRAS: monatliches Mitarbeiterguthaben und vielfältige Rabatte
  • LECKER: Essen im Mitarbeiter-Restaurant
  • FLEXIBEL: Arbeitszeitmodelle, Fort- und Weiterbildungen
  • KOSTENLOS: Shuttlebus im Resort; Arbeitskleidung
  • GESUND: professionelle Analysen, Fitness-Club, -Kurse, u.v.m.
  • TÄGLICH: Südsee und Sandstrand unter Palmen …
  • SPASS: regelmäßige Mitarbeiter-Events wie Weihnachtsfeiern usw.