Premium Tents

The premium tents for two combine comfort with adventure. They are made of wood and are easily tall enough to stand in.
The tents also have a double bed with bedding, storage options, lighting and electricity.

Because the tents are located in a tropical setting and are not equipped with air conditioning, it may well be that the temperatures in the tents are slightly higher.

from €


per person and night

Services included

Tropical World


Parking space


Shuttle bus



Tropino Club for Kids

Outdoor Area AMAZONIA

Jungle Splash

Free entry for children up to 5 years


All specifications apply for the whole duration of stay.

You find all important information about the Check in, Check-out and for your stay on our FAQ page.


Subject to change without notice.

Overnight at Tropical Islands

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A unique experience

An enticing range of options is available to guests who want to stay overnight in the Tropical Islands dome, from tents in the rainforest camp to lodges or one of our comfortable rooms. You can also choose to have your overnight-stay experience outside the dome in a holiday apartment, at the campsite, in our new Woodland Homes or in one of the holiday homes.

Information for Overnight Guests

Tropical Islands as an employer - Follow the call of the tropics

  • EXTRAS: Discounts
  • TASTY: Meals at the staff restaurant
  • FLEXIBLE: Working hours, training schemes and continuing education
  • FOR FREE: Shuttle bus within the resort; work clothes
  • HEALTHY: Fitness club
  • DAILY: Tropical Sea and palm-fringed sandy beach …
  • FUN: Regular staff events like Christmas parties and so on