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All the best features of our planet's tropical zones are brought together at the Tropical Islands resort, which is open all year round regardless of weather conditions. These include the world' biggest indoor rain forest, the "Tropical Sea" bathing area and the "Lagoon", as well as a tropical village featuring typical architecture from Malaysia (Borneo), Indonesia (Bali) and Thailand.

Tropical Islands in numbers

Employees at the resort
1.2 Mio.
Visitors per year
640 ha
Surface area of resort

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Tropical Islands offers many attractions including Germany's highest water slide tower, the outdoor area Tropical Islands AMAZONIA which is open all year round, and a tropical sauna and spa complex. In 2018 a new water playground was added. The "Jungle Splash" features eight different slides spanning 332 metres of slippery fun.

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Guests who would like to stay a little longer can choose from a variety of accommodation. Approximately 200 rooms and lodges with around 540 beds are located in the Dome, right in the middle of the tropical landscape. Some 140 tents with another 390 beds are located in the Rain Forest and the Sunset Camp. Outside the Dome there's the Tropical Islands Campsite, the Holiday Home Area and numerous facilities for leisure activities. 

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The Dome

The dimensions at Tropical Islands are gigantic: the Dome is 360 metres long, 210 metres wide and 107 metres tall, making it one of the largest free-standing halls in the world.

The Statue of Liberty could stand upright inside it, and the Eiffel Tower would fit in lying on its side. There's enough space for 9 football pitches on its 66,000 square metres of land. And the Dome is tall enough to accommodate the entire skyline of Berlin's Potsdamer Platz.

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Social commitment

On the ball for a good cause: Tropical Islands hosts the annual Fairplay Soccer Tour

On 26 May 2019 Tropical Islands once again hosted the Brandenburg state final of this year's Sparkassen Fairplay Soccer Tour. Over 170…

Sustainable signs

The colourful signs in the entrance area to the Dome and in the outdoor area AMAZONIA® are a great example of clever wood recycling.

Who runs Tropical Islands?

In January 2019 Tropical Islands became part of the Spanish group Parques Reunidos. Founded in 1993, the company operates water parks, zoos and amusement parks. With more than 60 parks worldwide, 30 of which are located in Europe, Parques Reunidos is one of the biggest investors in the theme and amusement park sector. According to its own figures this "big player" welcomes 19.6 million visitors to its leisure facilities every year and generates approximately 579 million euros in turnover. 

Wouter Dekkers: General Manager, Tropical Islands


Born in the Netherlands, Wouter Dekkers has worked in the amusement park sector since 2000. The 47-year-old began his career at Six Flags Holland as director of the Human resources and Finances Department. He first came to Germany in 2005, where he took over as director of finances at the Movie Park Germany and became the general manager two years later. In 2014 he returned to the Netherlands to become general manager of the Slagharen theme park and holiday resort. In 2019 Dekkers was appointed General Manager of Tropical Islands.

Wouter Dekkers, General Manager Tropical Islands

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