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Tropical Islands
Tropical-Islands-Allee 1
15910 Krausnick

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Am Strand der Südsee
tropischer Regenwald

    Give tropical vacation experiences as an offer

    Still looking for the special gift idea for Christmas? No problem - our tropical vouchers is something for everyone here! Best to just buy online, print and give away!


    Our gift vouchers can be used for all products and services in the Tropical Islands.

    Special vouchers for overnightstays

    Vouchers  are flexible to any suitable date

    get voucher online




    Delivery time and Validity

    The vouchers are valid three years from the date they were purchased.

    The vouchers can be used for all goods and services such as tickets, hotel costs, souvenirs, food and drinks and massages, which are available during the visit, redeemed at Tropical Islands.

    Please submit the vouchers when you arrive at the ticket office or at the latest on departure. They will be credited to your account. On whisch we trigger your visitor transactions - according to the current price list.

    Mail orders
    A few days after your order you receive an invoice from us. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you the order. In general, the processing takes about 14 days.

    Tropical Islands als Arbeitgeber - folge dem Ruf der Tropen!

    • EXTRAS: monatliches Mitarbeiterguthaben und vielfältige Rabatte
    • LECKER: Essen im Mitarbeiter-Restaurant
    • FLEXIBEL: Arbeitszeitmodelle, Fort- und Weiterbildungen
    • KOSTENLOS: Shuttlebus im Resort; Arbeitskleidung
    • GESUND: professionelle Analysen, Fitness-Club, -Kurse, u.v.m.
    • TÄGLICH: Südsee und Sandstrand unter Palmen …
    • SPASS: regelmäßige Mitarbeiter-Events wie Weihnachtsfeiern usw.