We care about your safety ❤️

We look forward to seeing you at Tropical Islands

View of the Tropical Sea

Open for guests again since June 15th

Admission only with online tickets


Safety measures

Safe through distancing 

Tropical Islands is open again for guests. As in many other areas of public life, here, too, organisational changes have been made in order to comply with the official regulations. All the generally known hygiene rules must of course be observed.

Avoid physical contact with other guests

Avoid touching your face

Comply with the safe distance rule

Wash your hands and disinfect regularly

Cough and sneeze into your elbow

Use tissues once only

The main changes:

In keeping with the slogan: “Tropical holiday – safe through distancing!” we have reduced Tropical Islands‘ admission capacities by 50%. This means we will admit only half the number of guests we can usually accommodate. This measure enables us to provide you with enough space to feel comfortable while moving around at a safe distance from other guests in the resort.

•    Only a certain number of Day Tickets are available for each day, and they can only be purchased online!
•    All overnight stay options with the exception of the Tepees on the Campsite can be booked online or by phone!

from €



Inclusive Services

Tropical World

Shuttle bus

Jungle Splash

Parking space

Tropino Club for Kids

Outdoor Area AMAZONIA

Waterslide Tower


Which attractions are open?

The slide tower

Two of the four slides are open, as well as the slides in the Lagoon.

The red slide and the blue slide are currently closed!

Fun at the Tropino Vlub for Kids
Tropino Club For Kids

The Tropino Club for Kids is open, but unfortunately the ball pit is closed.

Children in the Rainforest

The entire outdoor area is open.

Children fly with the balloon
Island Balloning

For the time being only rides with the tethered ballon are available. All the passengers on a ride must be from the same household.

Jungle Splash
Jungle Splash

The Jungle Splash is open, but not all the slides are in operation.

Tropical Sea
Water worlds

The Tropical Sea and the Lagoon are open.

The Rainforest

The Rainforest awaits you.

Mini-Golf at Tropical Islands

The tropical minigolf course is open.

Sauna at Tropical Islands
Sauna complex

The saunas are open only for overnight guests and holders of an annual pass.
Massages can be booked.


The main hygiene measures

Distancing rules

The usual rules apply: a minimum distance of 1.5 metres should be kept from other guests and staff. In many areas there are markings and signs to help you adhere to this rule.  Sun loungers, tables and chairs have also been set up at safe distances. We appeal to all guests to respect the distancing rules. Staff members will carry out checks. The distancing rules also apply in the water for non-family members.


As a general rule, high standards of cleanliness and hygiene apply in the hospitality business. In the current situation we have intensified our measures. All areas are now cleaned and disinfected on an even more frequent basis, and disinfectant dispensers have been set up throughout the resort.

Our goal is to offer you a stress-free holiday, relaxation and fun in a safe environment. The basis for this is restricted guest numbers. Both Tropical Islands and the authorities are convinced that limiting the number of guests is a key factor for ensuring hygiene, safety and by extension health. Our policy of not exhausting our capacities, but reducing guest numbers by 50% makes all necessary hygiene measures such as the distancing rules easier to implement for both guests and employees. A pleasant side effect for you as a guest is that you have more space to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing holiday experience. Whether it’s in the restaurants, at the Lagoon or in the Tropical Sea – a visit to the Tropics has rarely been so pleasant. Make the most of this opportunity and treat yourself to a tropical holiday!

All Changes

Visitors from coronavirus high-risk areas

If you are travelling to Tropical Islands from an area where there is a proven high incidence of infections, please provide us with medical proof for each person in your group that a nose and throat swab has tested negative. This certificate must have been issued in the last 48 hours and must be stamped and signed by the doctor's office.



We request that guests use card payment.


Bus shuttle

The shuttle bus bringing guests from the train station to Tropical Islands is in operation. Passengers are required to wear a mask. Guests at the resort and campsite are kindly requested to use their own vehicles to get to the Dome or, better still, to come on foot or by bicycle.   


Campsite guests

As for all guests staying overnight, there are no restrictions on admission to Tropical Islands for campsite guests.

The campsite’s personal hygiene facilities are open. However, due to the distancing rules and increased frequency of disinfection measures waiting times may be longer than usual.


Camp Shop

The small supermarket on the campsite is currently closed for renovations and will remain closed until around August 15th. Bread rolls, spreads and other products such as beverages can still be purchased.

The closest alternative for shopping is the REWE supermarket located at Straße der Einheit 4A, 15938 Golßen, approximately 12 kilometres away.


The showers are operating on a limited basis. We ask our overnight guests to please use the showers in their accommodation if possible.



We ask for your understanding that due to the current situation waiting times may be longer than usual. We are working on optimising the processes.



Group tickets are not available until further notice.

Annual passes

The validity of annual passes has automatically been extended by the period of time that Tropical Islands was closed.

All annual pass holders must also purchase an online ticket for the desired date for 1.00 euro, which will be credited to your account when you leave Tropical Islands. Please understand that for technical reasons this the only option.

Visits to the sauna complex are only permitted provided the capacities allow it.

For visits to other parks, please read the rules on their respective homepage.

Small children

Admission to Tropical Islands continues to be free for kids up to 5 years of age. However, a ticket costing 1.00 euro must be purchased for them online. This amount will be credited to your account when you leave Tropical Islands.



Overnight guests who arrive before the key to their accommodation is available can of course store their luggage in our luggage room.



Massages are carried out in compliance with the hygiene regulations.



The smoking compartments in the Bora Bora Lounge are open. The distancing rules and a maximum number of persons apply. Please read the signs.



The following restaurants and bars are open:

  • Palm Beach – à la Carte
  • Sawadee
  • Mondial
  • Sambesi – bar service
  • Borneo
  • Bora Bora
  • Aroi Dee
  • Catering services in AMAZONIA (depending on the weather)
  • Tropino Schiff

The following restaurants are closed for the time being:

  • Aloha, Kaikala
  • Tropical Garden
  • Tropino Restaurant


Disinfected wheelchairs can be rented out.



Only saunas that are operated at a room temperature of 80 degrees celsius and higher can be used. Nor is the use of infusions possible at present. The steam saunas remain closed, meaning that three of the seven saunas are closed (two in the Alcantara Canyon and one in the Elefanta Temple). AS the capacities of the individual saunas are limited, the use of the sauna complex is reserved for overnight guests. The hanging basket chairs and hammocks in the sauna complex are not available for use.


Shopping Boulevard

The Kids shop and the Candy Shop will remain closed for renovation work until July 10th. The Fashion Store and the Tropical Islands Store are open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m., and some of the products usually available at shops that are currently closed are now available here.



Please note that until further notice only online tickets are available. On-site purchases are not possible. Without a valid day ticket, access to the Tropical Islands resort is prohibited. Due to the restrictions on sauna services, combination tickets are not available. Holders of vouchers or free and annual passes must also order a day ticket from the Online Shop at a reduced price or free of charge. Please note that only a limited number of tickets is available.

Due to the restrictions, the sauna complex is unfortunaely not open to day visitors. This means that Tropics & Sauna tickets are currently not available.

Holders of special discount or promotion tickets should please read the rules listed in the “Free tickets” section.

Day tickets entitle the holder to admission to Tropical Islands from 8:00 a.m. (on 15.6.2020 from 9:00 a.m.) 

Holders of day tickets must leave the Tropical Islands Resort no later than 23:30 p.m. If they check out after midnight, we will unfortunately be compelled to charge them 300 euros for the price of a special ticket.

The following tickets are currently not available:

  • The Family Ticket special
  • Combination Tropics & Sauna tickets
  • Short stay tickets

Tropino Club for Kids

The Tropino Club for Kids is open for the time being; only the ball pit remains closed. The rules for all playgrounds apply.

Activities such as the kids’ disco, face-painting, treasure hunts, etc. cannot take place for the time being. We are working on alternatives.

Overnight stays

All our overnight accommodation options are open, the one exception being the tepees on the campsite. Guests who have already booked a tepee will receive a free upgrade for a tent in the Tropical Islands Dome. The Tropical Islands Dome is open to our overnight guests 24 hours a day.

For capacity reasons, we can only offer overnight guests staying at the resort one locker per room, tent, holiday home or pitch. This also applies if you want to use the Tropical World facilities on the day of your departure. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Changing rooms

Naturally, the 1.5 metre distancing rule also applies throughout the changing rooms. As a result, not all our lockers are available for use. Storage facilities are primarily reserved for day guests. For capacity reasons, we can only offer overnight guests staying at the resort one locker per room, tent, holiday home or pitch. This also applies if you want to use the Tropical World facilities on the day of your departure. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Access to the resort

All guests arriving by car will be asked for valid tickets or reservations at the entrance to the Tropical Islands resort. Without a ticket, entrance to the grounds is not permitted.


Facebook feedback on our hygiene concept



General information

Hygiene and measures that contribute to improving hygiene are particularly important in the current situation. Please follow the generally known guidelines.

Risk of infection

We are doing everything in our power to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum. However, we are obliged by law to point out that there is an increased risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus when using our facilities, especially those in closed areas, even if all necessary hygiene measures have been observed. (Second Ordinance amending the SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance, dated 27 May 2020).


Masks not mandatory

There is no obligation to wear a mask at Tropical Islands.