Cosmetic Treatments
Cosmetic Treatments
Cosmetic Treatments

    Cosmetic Treatments

    Looking and feeling your best

    Regular cosmetic treatments are a real treat. A facial or a manicure not only ensures that you look your best, it is also the perfect moment to switch off and forget about the day-to-day grind.

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    Treatments for face & body

    Cosmetic Treatments

    Classic facial

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    A natural all-round treatment for your skin using a rice or tamarind scrub, yoghurt, plus a mango or banana face mask, honey, and a face massage.

    Approx. 60 minutes / Price: € 59.00

    Augenbrauen und Wimpern

    Eyebrows and lashes

    Eyebrow and eyelash tinting, plus eyebrow correction

    approx. 20 minutes / Price: € 19.00

    Treatments for your hands and feet

    Treatments for nails

    Complete manicure

    Hand bath and -massage with jasmine oil, Trim, file and polish, Removeal of calluses, Peel and mask for yout hands and cutide treatment with oil.

    approx. 50 minutes / Price: € 54.00

    Basic manicure

    Hand bath with jasmine oil, Trim, file and polish and hand cream massaged into the skin.

    approx. 30 minutes / Price: € 38.00

    Wellness for the feet

    Complete pedicure

    Footbath and -massage with jasmine oil, Trim, file and polish, Full callus removal, Peel and mask for your feet and cutide treatment with oil.

    approx. 60 minutes / Price: € 64.00

    Basic pedicure

    Footbath, Trim, file and polish, fast callus removeal and foot cream massaged into the skin.

    approx. 40 minutes / Price: € 46.00

    Treatments for feet

    Fingernail or toenail lacquering

    Nail lacquering in the latest colours or French nails

    approx. 20 minutes / Price: € 19.00


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    Used in moderation, sunbeds not only give you a tan and make you feel more attractive, they also have preventative and therapeutic effects. The UV rays stimulate your body's hormones and immune system.

    Our Equipment:

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    Ergoline Excellence 700
    Ergoline Evolution 500
    Ergoline Affinity 800
    Ergoline Affinity 600
    Ergoline Affinity 450

    Duration: 2,5 min. and price: € 1.00

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