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Stone Sauna inside the Angkor Wat Temple
Tree Sauna in the Jungle Village
Salt Grotto
Crystal Steam Bath

    Wellness, Beauty, Healing Earths and Exfoliants

    Wellness & Beauty

    Finally time to do something for yourself. Tropical Islands offers a wide range of exfoliants, healing earths care treatments. Let us advice you at the Sauna & Spa Information. Also appointments for cosmetic treatments, massages and wellbeing ceremonies can be booked here.

    Opening Hours & Reservations

    Daily treatments are subject to availability and by appointment only. 

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    +49 (35477) 605208


    Please reserve your wellness application prior to arrival.

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    Healing Earths and exfoliating Treatments

    Exfoliating skin treatments have been used since Ancient Egypt. At the Turkish baths the whole body is scrubbed with a natural goat’s hair glove.
    The treatments are great for all types of skin all types and skin conditions. These treatments also target ageing skin, wrinkles, skin impurities and much more. Our qualified experts will assess your skin type and will advise on the appropriate exfoliation treatment.

    Cosmetic Treatments
    Sauna & exfoliaiting Treatments
    Honey gel & chocolate sauna € 6.00
    Honey & salt exfoliation € 5.00
    Badia Dead Sea mud pack € 6.50
    Salt’n oil exfoliation € 5.00
    Rügen medicinal chalk € 4.50
    Coconut Peeling € 7.50
    Lavender Peeling € 7.50
    Gold Peeling € 8.50
    Exotic Peeling € 8.00
    Cherry- / Ice Peeling € 6.50
    Eucalyptus- / Lemon- / Ice Peeling € 6.50