10 years of Tropical Islands – A remarkable story

From airship hangar to tropical paradise

It all began with one of the largest self-supporting halls in the world, located in southern Brandenburg in Germany. The hangar was originally designed for large airships and was built for the company Cargolifter AG, opening in 2000. The Malaysian consortium Tanjong PLC/Colin Au purchased the hangar on June 11, 2003.

Expanding the resort

The contract for building Tropical Islands was signed in August 2008. Since then many options for staying the night inside the Dome have been created. Tropical Islands now has a total of 198 guest rooms and lodges (516 beds) plus 133 tents (350 beds). The Tropical Islands Campsite is located close to the Dome and has been awarded 4 stars by the ADAC and the ANWB. Fully fitted mobile homes and holiday apartments are located just a few minutes' drive from Tropical Islands. There are also comfortable holiday homes right next to the Tropics. The many different types of accommodation make Tropical Islands a favourite destination for short holidays.

Inside the Dome

It took just nine months to transform the former hangar into Europe biggest tropical holiday world. The concrete, dust and construction equipment soon gave way to clear blue water, sandy beaches and idyllic palm trees. Tropical Islands officially opened its doors on December 19, 2004. More attractions, exotic buildings, plants and recreational facilities have been added over time.


Tropical Islands - the exhibition

The original project was ambitious, with its Tropical Sea, Lagoon and the authentic buildings of the Tropical Village. Since then Tropical Islands has continued to grow. The Dome is now home to the world's biggest indoor rainforest, Germany's highest water slide tower and an enormous tropical sauna and spa complex, to mention just some of the attractions. And we're constantly adding new features to make Tropical Islands even better.

Join us on a journey through the thrilling history of Tropical Islands. The exhibition, spread across various sites in the Tropical World, records the different phases of the construction and tells some of the fascinating stories behind the buildings. For example, did you know that the Bali Gate was shipped to Tropical Islands in pieces and then reconstructed by Balinese craftsmen inside the Dome?

Construction of the airship hangars
Construction of the airship hangars
Aerial view of the open hall

Tropical Islands as an employer - Follow the call of the tropics

  • EXTRAS: Monthly credit as well as discounts
  • TASTY: Meals at the staff restaurant
  • FLEXIBLE: Working hours, training schemes and continuing education
  • FOR FREE: Shuttle bus within the resort; work clothes
  • HEALTHY: Professional health checks, fitness club, courses, and lots more
  • DAILY: Tropical Sea and palm-fringed sandy beach …
  • FUN: Regular staff events like Christmas parties and so on