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Tropical Islands
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Indoor Rainforest
The Tropical Village
Tropical Village in the evening
Polynesian Hut
Balinese Temple Gate

    The Tropical Village

    The Tropical Village is a unique collection of traditional buildings from around the Tropics. It is also home to most of the restaurants and cafés at Tropical Islands.

    Buildings from Malaysia

    Borneo Long House

    Borneo Long House

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    Typically, Borneo longhouses are up to 100 meters long and house many different families under a single roof. The houses can be extended as the families expand.

    Longhouses are typically located close to fast-flowing rivers and thus built on stilts. An open veranda runs along the whole length of the longhouse, behind which the private living quarters of the individual families are located.

    The Borneo Longhouse at Tropical Islands is built in the typical Orang Ulu style. The Orang Ulu are a tribe of Indian artists and one of the native peoples of Borneo. Their longhouses are traditionally decorated with carvings and paintings and their household objects adorned with pearls.

    The Borneo Longhouse was built in partnership with the Sarawak Central Tourist Office and is based on a house in the historical village museum in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak in Malaysia.

    Wayang stage

    Wayang Stage

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    In the heart of the Tropical Village, framed by authentic buildings from around the Tropics, stands the Wayang Stage.

    Wayang is the Malay word for theatre. In every village there is a wayang, the location for culture, dancing and fun.

    You are welcome to hire the Wayang stage and its plaza for private parties or corporate events - information you will get in our MICE section!


    Opening Hours

    from 12.00 noon to 11.00 p.m.

    Buildings from Bali

    Balinese Temple Gate

    Balinese Temple Gate

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    The impressive Bali Gate serves as the entrance to the Tropical Village. Four meters wide and nearly 14 meters high, it is the largest Balinese gate outside of Bali, the Hindu Island of the Gods. In Bali, such open gates signify access to holy sites, the "split" gate symbolizing a mount of the gods that has been torn asunder through its midpoint.

    The Bali Pavilion

    The Bali Pavilion

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    The Pavilion has a hexagonal ground plan and three pagoda roofs, giving it the same aesthetic proportions as a Balinese temple. The roofs are decked with palm leaves. The wood used in the construction is bangkirai and merbau, two extremely strong woods from Asia. On the ground floor, a valuable sandstone relief depicts scenes from the Ramayana, the epic tale of Prince Rama, his beautiful wife Sita and the Monkey King Hanuman. The Ramayana is a classic of world literature and contains the philosophical basis of Hinduism.

    Polynesian Hut

    Polynesian Hut

    Samoan fale

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    Typical Polynesian straw huts are called fale. The ground plan is usually oval in shape, and large tree trunks support a leaf-covered roof. The islands sometimes experience strong winds, so, to prevent damage, the roof is shaped like a tortoise’s shell, giving the wind nothing to get hold of. The houses are usually open at the sides, even at night. The "walls" consist of plaited mats that are rolled up and only let down in case of rain or strong wind.

    The Samoan fale at Tropical Islands is a sort of community centre for a number of villages. It is unusually large, each of the 28 beautifully carved wooden pillars standing for one of the family groups.

    The Tropical Islands fale was constructed with the assistance of the Samoan Tourist Authority.

    Architecture of Thailand

    Thai House

    Thai House

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    The biggest and most elegant building in the Tropical Village is our traditional Thai House, built out of wood and bamboo.

    Thai houses are perfectly adapted to the tropical climate. They are, for instance, built on tall stilts because of the frequent flooding.

    The Thai House would be home to a large family. It consists of three smaller buildings: the sleeping quarters, the reception building, and a large house for eating. These three houses are built around a central atrium where there is usually a large, shade-providing tree.

    The Tropical Islands Thai House was designed and built by Ladda Teijavnaija, a Thai architect who has also worked for the Thai Royal Family.

    The tropical paradise

    Tropical Islands

    White sandy beaches, crystal clear water and cool drinks under the palm trees. A trip to Tropical Islands means warm weather, excitement and adventure in a tropical atmosphere. Relax by the Tropical Sea with its fine sandy beach. Explore the Rainforest or visit the enormous Tropical Sauna & Spa. There's special attractions for the kids, great accommodation and much more on offer at Tropical Islands.

    Further Information for your Visit

    Hi Kids!

    At the moment i´m very busy. I create a new water playground for you. Sorry if things are a little crowded next to the Tropical Sea at the moment. Please use the services of the Tropino Club for Kids. Children are welcome here anytime!

    Tropical Islands as an employer - Follow the call of the tropics

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