Kapitän Ecki und seine Freunde
Kapitän Eckis Freunde

    Hello children, 

    I'd like to introduce my comic!

    My name is Captain Ecki and I want to take you along on my fantastic journey. As the captain of an airship I've travelled far and wide and had many great adventures. My zeppelin and I have been caught up in storms and other perilous situations, and many a time the success of my journey was hanging by a thread. 


    Perhaps you're surprised... 

    ... because your parents never told you anything about me? Well that's because many grown ups don't know that the Tropical Islands dome has a very special story. If I tell you my secret you won't tell anyone, will you?

    My secret... but shhh!

    What the grown ups know about my hangar and Tropical Islands is just a cover. I myself invented the story so that the press wouldn't follow me around and force me to give interviews, because after my journey around the world I was pretty popular…

    How it all began...

    First things first: it all began many years ago. I had already made a name for myself as an inventor and engineer, so I wasn't surprised when the German Airship Guild approached me because it was looking for a brave pilot who would take on the challenge of flying around the world.

    I wasn't just supposed to fly around the world in my airship, I was supposed to do it all on my own! Just imagine - with a flying machine that usually needs a crew of 28 to get moving! That was a real challenge and to be honest I almost lost heart for a moment...

    The plan was, and I say this without exaggerating, pretty crazy, even for a highly experienced pilot like myself. After all, steering such an airship through a storm is no mean feat!

    If you want to read the whole true story about my fantastic journey, come and visit me and my friends at Tropical Islands. I look forward to meeting you!