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    Tropical Islands from A to Z


    Tropical Islands has wide passageways, wheelchair-accessible toilets, changing areas and accommodation. Ramps and elevators open up many areas in the Dome. Even the cobblestone paths and slopes in our rainforest are suitable for wheelchairs. If you still encounter obstacles, our staff of course will be glad to help you. The wheelchair-rental is available at the information desk in the entrance hall.

    Baby Buggies and Wheelchairs

    We have a number of baby buggies and highchairs for visitors with small children. Please ask about availability. Of course you can also bring a pushchair or baby buggy. Tropical Islands has wide passageways and ramps, so most areas are accessible.
    Wheelchair Users: Tropical Islands has good access for wheelchair Users. Passageways are wide and toilets and changing rooms are accessible. Many parts of the dome can be reached via ramps or lifts. Even the rainforest is accessible for wheelchair Users: paths are paved and there is a maximum incline of 6%. If you have any difficulty, our staff will be happy to help. Wheelchairs are available for hire at the information desk.

    Charging Point

    Tropical Islands' guests can charge their plug-in hyrid vehicles at the charging point opposite the main entrance.


    If you plan to spend the night at the Lagoon or Tropical Sea, please note that you may be disturbed occasionally by our cleaners.
    Please pay attention to any special information or announcements displayed at the entrance of Tropical Islands.

    First Aid

    The first aid point is on the north side of the dome opposite the Lagoon, next to the Shopping Boulevard. You will find it between the sweet shop and the souvenir shop. In the event of an accident, please contact a staff member or go directly to the first aid point.

    Food and Drink

    On reasons of hygiene, guests are not permitted to bring their own food and drinks into Tropical Islands -except baby food, food and drinks for diabetics and allergy sufferers, etc.


    There are baby changing rooms at Tropical Islands. Just look for the signs.
    We do not sell baby food at Tropical Islands, so please bring sufficient supplies with you.


    Swimming nude is not permitted but you should be naked when using the sauna facilities.


    There are plenty of parking spaces available around Tropical Islands and parking is free of charge.

    On some days the car park in front of the building can become full very quickly. 2,000 additional parking spaces can be found to the south of the dome. Make sure you remember where you parked your car!

    Payment at Tropical Islands

    You will receive a chip wristband which allows you to pay all expenses in Tropical Islands cash and pay later when you check out. Your credit can be viewed at the "spending checks" or the coffers of the shops.

    In addition to payment options such as debit card or American Express, you can pay online with PayPal or with a corresponding cell phone - safe and simple payment.


    Pets are not permitted at Tropical Islands.
    (Dogs are welcome on the Tropical Islands Campsite. If you wish to bring other pets with you to the Campsite, please talk to us in advance.)

    Smoking and Cigarettes

    Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is only permitted in the Bora Bora Lounge.

    Please note that cigarettes are for sale in the book shop (Shop 1).

    Temperatures and Clothing

    Summer clothes and light shoes or sandals are best for strolling around Tropical Islands. The temperature stays around 26°C. Maybe you would like to bring a change of clothes for dinner or sports?

    Please note that bathing suits should only be worn on the beach and for swimming. And do not forget towels and a bathrobe!

    There are a number of different ways to get a suntan at Tropical Islands. The transparent foil on the south roof of the Dome lets in about 80% of the sunlight. So if you’re exposed to the sunlight at the Tropical Sea, say, you will get a suntan – how much depends on the weather outside.

    • Don’t forget to bring sun protection on cloudless days.

    You can also visit our solarium


    Wi-Fi is available across much of the resort. To log on, select the network “Tropical-Guest” and then do one of the following:

    • Sign up for our newsletter
    • Register via Facebook
    • Enter the code on your voucher

    Questions? Please ask at Reception.