Whether Summer-Song Contest, BB Radio´s “Carrying Women” or indoor BASE WORLD CUP - Tropical Islands is the place with spectacular and extraordinary events.

Event at Wayang Plaza
Kick-off Meeting with Beach Flair - from 35.00 EUR per person

Past Events

Dear Guests,
Your Summer Event at Tropical Islands
Halloween for Kids
Beach Soccer-Cup Brandenburg
Beach Soccer-Cup Brandenburg
Tropical Run
Tropical Run 2017
Beach Party
Beach Party
Deutsche Soccer Liga
Fairplay Soccer Tour 2017
Halloween at Tropical Islands
Tropical Oktoberfest
Tropical Oktoberfest September 10-25, 2016
Public Viewing
European Football Championship 2016
Crafts in Tropino Children Club
International Children’s Day on the 1st of June 2016
ELITE Cheerleading Beach Cup
ELITE Cheerleading Beach Cup 2015
10-year anniversary celebrations
10-year anniversary celebrations – All year long
Tropical Run
Tropical Run: 23.11.2014
Miss Germany Finals Weeks
Miss Germany Finals Weeks: 20-30.01.2014
ELITE Cheerleading Beach Cup
ELITE Cheerleading Beach Cup 2013
Tropical Run
Tropical Run
BB Radio
BB Radio's Frauentragen (Wife Carrying)
Halloween in the Tropino Club for Kids
Summer Song Contest
Summer Song Contest 2013
Universal Children
Universal Children's Day
Hi kids,

What’s new, really big and has 8 slides? THAT’S RIGHT: Our new Jungle Splash water playground, right next to the Tropical Sea!