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Spreewald and surroundings

Tropical Islands is more than just a swimming pool in Brandenburg. The tropical resort has many surprising facets to offer - as well as the cultural diversity of the region.

The beauty of the region

Even in the tropics, just moments from the most picturesque areas of Brandenburg: the travel region Spreewald. Nowhere is the path from the exotic sandy beach to its fairy-tale floodplain shorter than from Tropical Islands to the Spreewald.

In just a few minutes by train, bike or car, you can reach the home of the Spreewald cucumber and the Lutki, the dwarves from the Sorbian-Wendish world of legends, from Tropical Islands. The train takes you comfortably into the heart of the travel region: Regional trains depart directly from Brand station to Lübben to the Schlossinsel (castle island) and to Lübbenau to the Freilandmuseum Lehde (open-air museum), to Raddusch, where the Slawenburg (Slavic castle) and the Naturhafen (natural harbour) invite you to spend some time, and to Vetschau with the Wendish-German double bridge. Or you can take a tour from Tropical Islands by (electric) bike - for example to Schlepzig. Here you can visit the Spreewald Brewery and the historic mill.The fascinating natural idyll Spreewald offers you family fun, romantic scenery and cultural heritage all in one place. Get on the road now, our invitation stands!   

Take a discovery tour with the family

Play, run about, explore - you can experience lively family fun together with your children in the Spreewald. We have some suggestions: The research and adventure boat Nautilust  sets off in Lübbenau with young and old on board with their eyes peeled to see the water world of the Spreewald. Likewise in Lübbenau, you can take advantage of the pretty unique opportunity to swim with penguins in the Spree world. You can climb high in the Lübben Climbing Forest, where the saying "hang out on holiday" can really be taken literally. Family rally, crane safari and nature photography seminar entice you to follow in Heinz Sielmann's footsteps. The Heinz Sielmann Nature Experience Center Wannichen makes this experience possible. By the way, yo can also set of across the meadows when you set out to conquer the Spreewald for yourself with a buggy. Or maybe you would like to try stand up paddling in Burg? A balancing act that creates excitement.

Experience romance for two

The Spreewald offers the perfect backdrop for discovery tours for two. How about a trip on the barge the spa town of Burg, to stimulate the senses? Snuggled in comfortable bean bags a unique romantic experience. Wotschofska Island is also an excursion destination that perfectly reflects the tranquility and originality of the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve. The Wotschofskaweg from Lübbenau leads cyclists and hikers on idyllic paths directly to the island.

Because love goes through the stomach as is well known, a visit to the Spreewald herb manufactory in Burg is also recommended. Here you will get to know and love Spreewald delicacies in an exquisite and, most importantly, home-made way.

The cultural roots

The cultural life in the Spreewald is still characterised by the traditions and customs of the Sorbs/Wends. The Slavic castle of Raddusch with its archaeological exhibition provides an extremely vivid documentation of the early days of settlement in the travel region. In Dissen, Stary Lud, a settlement modelled on the medieval Spreewald, will welcome you. History is brought to life here. Additionally, in the pretty Spreewald village of Lehde and its open-air museum, you can experience the life of the Spreewald inhabitants of the 19th century. The story of the twentieth century. Insight into traditional Sorbian/Wendish crafts is provided by the spa town of Burg. Here, among others, the pottery Piezonka, the traditional costume embroidery Dziumbla and the wooden slipper maker Karolczak are located and presents original crafts of regional significance.


Nature Pure

  • Dahme Lakes area, approx. 42 km

    Many excursion options can be found in the Dahme Lakes area, which is considered to be the cultural area with the most water in Brandenburg.

  • Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park, approx. 45 km

    The Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park includes large areas of forest and the more than 100 lakes make it a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, anglers and nature lovers. You can relax and unwind on a romantic canoe tour or a leisurely steamboat trip across all 10 lakes of the Teupitz waters.

  • Niederlausitzer Landrücken Nature Park, approx. 48 km

    The Niederlausitzer Landrücken Nature Park is also of unique beauty. The 587-square-kilometre park has one of the largest, barely chopped-up areas of forest in southern Brandenburg.

  • Johannismühle Game Park, approx. 17 km

    Located between Baruth and Golßen, you will find the Johannismühle Wildlife Park in the Baruther Urstromtal. In the more than 100 hectares of forest, meadows and ponds you can discover and observe native game species. The park's open-air runs are home to mouflons, red deer, bison, wild horses, brown bears, wolves, lynxes, eagles, eagle owls, owls and woodpeckers, to name but a few.

Experience cultural history

  • Slavic castle Raddusch, about 45 km

    From 23 September 2019 until probably spring 2020, the Slavic castle will be closed to visitors. 

    Another recommended destination is the Slavic castle of Raddusch. In the 9th and 10th centuries, Lower Lusatia on the western edge of the Spree Forest was covered by a dense network of small ring-walled castle fortifications. One of these Slavic castles is today rebuilt near Raddusch. Visit the fascinating archaeology exhibits and go on a journey to the early Middle Ages of Europe.

  • Schlepzig, approx. 10 km

    Also a good place to go for water hiking in the idyllic countryside and recurring festivities steeped in tradition is Schlepzig, the oldest community in the state of Brandenburg, which celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 2004.

  • Museum village Baruther Glashütte, approx. 13 km

    In the fully preserved glassmaking village you can expect art, crafts, history, sports and recreation. Since 1716, the historic works hamlet of Glashütte has evolved in the heart of the Baruther Urstromtal valley. Kiln halls, a grinding shop, a gas generator, a school, an inn, a bowling alley, workers' houses and glassmakers' gardens were built here in a spacious complex. The museum village was designated an industrial monument in 1986 and today stands for a living tradition with the motto "Arts and Crafts in the Urstrom Valley". Visitors to the village can watch the glassblowers at work all year round and witness how the old techniques are used to make unique and small series from glass. If you would like to try your hand at glassblowing, particularly recommended for children, it is best to make an appointment with the Glashütte e.V. museum association in advance.


  • Flaeming-Skate, length: approx. 230 km

    For all sports enthusiasts, the district of Teltow-Fläming is a mecca for cyclists and in particular inline skaters. The approximately 230 kilometer route through the wonderful nature has already inspired many a skater or cyclist.

  • The climbing forest Lübben

    Children (from 6 years), teenagers and adults can also experience fun and action in the Lübben Climbing Forest. Test your limits and fitness at heights of up to ten meters.

  • The Spreewald boat trip, approx. 37 km

    Exploring the rivers in the traditional way: The Spreewaldkahn is a kind of flatboat without a keel, up to nine metres long and less than two metres wide, it can seat about 20 people. Visitors are transported through the labyrinth of the Spreewald rivers by the boatmen and amused with entertaining stories and anecdotes. Recommendable for newcomers to boat rides is the Schnuppertour "short trip Lehde".

  • The Kart Center Spreewaldring, approx. 7 km

    You can experience a lot of fun and excitement at the Spreewaldring Kart Centre. In the immediate vicinity of Tropical Islands, you can put your driving skills to the test on a 800 metres kart track on a very challenging course.

  • The Gurkenradweg Cycle Route, length: approx. 250 km

    For around 250 kilometres, the Gurkenradweg (Gherkin Cycle Path) runs through the wetlands and, for the most part, through the Spreewald biosphere reserve.

  • Hurricane Factory

    For all those who want to fly not only in their dreams, "Hurricane Factory" in Berlin-Schönefeld offers the absolutely unique experience: Bodyflying in Germany's largest wind tunnel! Winds of up to 280 km/h enable free flying in the transparent cylinder, which is approx. 5 storeys high. Only 30 minutes by car from Tropical Islands.

Day trips

  • F60 visitor mine, approx. 67 km

    In the F60 mine for visitors, you can see one of the largest moving working machines in the world.

    A variety of interesting guided tours are offered. The mine is also frequently booked as a venue for events.

  • Lausitzring, approx. 71 km

    For adrenaline enthusiasts, the Lausitzring, also known as EuroSpeedway Lausitz, offers a welcome change of pace. The motorsport facility is located in Niederlausitz and has served as a Grand Prix circuit, speedway and test track since 2000. Major events and races that are held here include the Superbike IDM, the ADAC GT Masters and the 2015 DTM.

  • Spreewald private brewery, approx. 10 km

    For those interested in hops and malt, the "Spreewälder Privatbrauerei 1788" is a brewery well worth a visit. In addition to typical Spreewald dishes, guests can choose from hand-brewed Spreewald Pilsner, Spreewald Dark, Zwickel and Hefeweizen. Additionally, there is the opportunity to learn more about the art of brewing on a guided tour around the brewery.

  • Spreewood Distillers, approx. 10 km

    The Spreewald distillery became famous for the first single malt whisky in eastern Germany. The distillery has been under new management since 2016. A tasting with professional guidance is available, and you can also purchase the in-house alcoholic beverages. 

Always current, always worth a visit: The Spreewald Calendar of Events


Tourism Association Spreewald
Raddusch, Lindenstraße 1
03226 Vetschau/Spreewald

+49 035433 72299

Nature is inviting!

The Spreewald is a fantastic tourist destination and has been protected as a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1991. The meandering rivers take you through lush greens, bold colours of summer or the snowy whiteness of winter. Here and there, traditional half-timbered houses nestle along the riverbanks, completing the picture of a fairytale landscape.

More information for your visit

Tropical Sea
The tropical Südsee is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools

The tropical Südsee is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools