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Captain Ecki

Hello kids, on this page I would like to introduce you to my comic!

Captain Ecki

Hello kids, I would like to introduce you to my comic on this page!

My name is Captain Ecki, and I will take you on a fantastic journey. As an airship captain, I've been around and had some adventures. I've had to weather many storms with my zeppelin, and it wasn't exactly without its dangers, which meant that the outcome of my expedition often hung by a thread...

Perhaps you are puzzled...

... because your parents didn't tell you anything about me? That's because many adults don't even know that the Tropical Islands Hall has a special meaning. I can tell you my secret without you telling anyone else, right?

My secret ... but pssssst!

What the adults know about my hangar and Tropical Islands is just a cover. I made up the story myself so that I wouldn't be followed by the press all the time and have to give interviews, because after my trip around the world I was a man in demand...

How it all began ...

In order: It all began many years ago. I had already made a name for myself as an inventor and engineer. Therefore, I was not surprised when the German Association for the Promotion of Airships approached me because they were looking for a brave pilot who dared to fly around the world.

The plan was, without any exaggeration, absolutely insane, even for a very experienced pilot like myself, because flying such an airship through the storm on your own is no easy matter!

If you would like to hear the true story of my fantastic journey in its entirety, then come and visit my friends and me at Tropical Islands. I look forward to seeing you!

Ecki's log - August 22, 1929

I met nice Kikuyu natives. The guys were quite alright! I showed them my camera and took a commemorative photo.

I feel like I'm being followed, but maybe I just imagined it…

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