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Massages and wellness treatments

Tropical Islands offers a full range of massages - let us pamper you and surprise you with the health benefits.

Tropical Islands' range of massages leaves nothing to be desired and includes everything from classic Thai massage to the most popular massage techniques. classic Thai massage to ayurvedic massages to hot stone massage.

Find your inner balance at Tropical Islands, let yourself be pampered so that your body gets the rest and harmony it craves.

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Applications daily upon availability from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and by appointment.


Thai massages

In Thai massage teachings, pressure on certain energy lines corresponds with the healing effect of the massage. Therefore, the masseuse does not stroke the body, but applies pressure and stretches the muscles. All movements are gentle, rhythmic, flowing and soft.

Traditional Thai massage

We pamper  you with an application based on the traditional Thai massage but with gentler elements, as well as together with our jasmine oil, whose scent is quite typical of Thailand.

As a deep tissue full body massage
Duration: ca 80 min. / Price: 130 EUR

As a full body massage
Duration: approx. 50 min. / Price: 90 EUR

As a back massage
Duration: ca. 30 Min. / Price: 60 EUR


Thai foot massage

In the course of this treatment, we will pamper you with a fragrant foot bath, rice scrub for the feet and then with a reflexology massage for your feet, which loosens and relaxes the foot, calf, knee as well as thigh with gentle stroking movements, through light stretches applying acupressure and a special massage wand.

Duration: approx. 50 min / Price: 90 EUR



Hot stone massages

Full body massage

Well-being massage with hot stones. Relaxes and revitalises stiff muscles and stimulates blood circulation and the flow of energy - for blissful relaxation.

Duration:approx. 80 min. / Price: 135 EUR

Duration: approx. 50 min. / Price: 95 EUR

Hawaiianische Lomi Lomi Massage


Hawaiian massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Massage in which delicate, supple movements relieve tension in the body.

Duration: ca. 80 min.  / Price: 130 EUR

Duration: ca. 50 Min.  / Price: 90 EUR


Classic massages

Relaxing and revitalising massage for the whole body.

As a classic full body massage
Duration: approx. 80 min. / Price: 130 EUR

As a classic full body massage
Duration: approx. 50 min. / Price: 90 EUR

As a classic back massage 
Duration: approx. 30 min. / Price: 60 EUR


Classic foot massage

Invigorating and stimulating massage for the feet.

Duration:approx. 20 min. / Price: 45 EUR

Ayurvedic massages

Ayurveda is a combination of experience and philosophy that focuses on all aspects important to health. Thus, Ayurveda has a holistic approach. We offer you Ayurvedic massages covering this wide spectrum of aspects, which are also part of the Ayurveda recommendations for daily living.


Abhyanga - Ayurvedic oil massage

Abhyanga or "the big oiling" is the most well-known form of Ayurvedic massage. It is performed with heated oil. It promotes general relaxation and relieves tension and blockages.

As a full body massage
Duration: approx. 80 min. / Price: 130 EUR

As a full body massage
Duration: approx. 50 min. / Price: 90 EUR

As a back massage
Duration: approx. 30 min / Price: 60 EUR



Couple treatments

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy your massage treatments as a unique and bonding experience for two. You will receive massages at the same time in the same room. Each individual can select the massage type they would like from our selection.

A surcharge applies: 4 EUR per person

Treatments are offered daily according to availability, from 10 a.m to 8 p.m according to agreement.


Balinese wellness ceremony

The Balinese massage - with some elements from ancient Asian therapies and Ayurvedic influences - a nourishing face mask and a traditional foot massage provide lasting relaxation.

Duration:approx. 80 min. / Price: 130 EUR


Thai herbal ceremony

The ceremony begins with a face and neck massage with special herbal compresses.. Afterwards, we let you experience ancient Asian traditions through a traditional Thai full body massage combined with herbal stamps. Our hand massage with nourishing rice oil hand cream rounds off the ceremony - let us take you away to Far Eastern worlds.

Duration: approx. 80 min. / Price: 150 EUR


Ayurveda ceremony

Shirodhara  - the Ayurvedic forehead oil treatment - is one of the most beautiful and intensive treatments from Indian medicine and is used to calm the nervous system.

Abhyanga - ayurvedic full body massage is the most famous form of ayurvedic massage with heated oil to release blockages.

Duration: approx. 80 min. /  Price: 140 EUR


Classic wellness package

Classical back massage, relaxing and soothing & classic facial, natural care for your skin

Duration: approx. 90 min. / Price: 150 EUR

Subject to change without notice.


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The tropical Südsee is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools

The tropical Südsee is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools

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