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Wellness & Beauty

Wellness, beauty, healing clay and exfoliation treatments

For once, time to do something for yourself. Tropical Islands offers you much more than a combination of swimming pool and hotel: in addition to lots of water attractions, an extensive wellness and beauty service awaits you Let us advise you at the Sauna & Spa Information on our healing clay and exfoliation care treatments . Also appointments for cosmetic treatmentsMassages and Wellness ceremonies can be booked here: Tropical Islands is more than just a swimming pool in Brandenburg.

We will be happy to advise you!

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Book your treatment before your stay.

Healing earth and exfoliating treatments

Exfoliation treatments were already known as a treatment in ancient Egypt. The Turkish bath also offers a full body treatment traditionally administered with a goat hair glove.

They are provided at the Campur Campur sauna by our employees. You can then administer the treatment yourself in the sauna to purify your skin and stimulate your metabolism. A warm shower to finish the treatment cleanses and relaxes you.

Healing clays from all over the world at 12,00 EUR


Din Saw Pong

Dead Sea mud pack

Rügen medicinal chalk

One of the best-known healing clays in the world mixed with nourishing oils and scented with sandalwood.
Thailand's famous white clay mixed with nourishing oils and with jasmine, a scent typical of Thailand.
One of the most effective muds in the world, which is suitable for all skin types.
Special natural remedy mixed with sea buckthorn and nourishing oil with a fruity-fresh scent.


Exotic body exfoliating masks at 15,00 EUR

Balinese aloe vera pack

Thai tamarind pack

Indonesian ginger pack

Polynesian coconut pack

Indian Sesame pack

Tropical wood-scented mask made of green clay, aloe vera and nourishing oils.
Refreshing mask with the scent of lemongrass,other options include, tamarind, Thai clay and nourishing oils.
Spicy mask made from cinnamon, coffee and ginger, other options include, Ghassoul healing clay and nourishing oils.
Exotic mask with coconut extracts such as rasps, oil and nourishing healing clay.
Tempting scented mask including from black sesame, oil, honey and nourishing healing clay.

The healing clay and exfoliating treatments take place in the Campur Campur sauna. Please allow approximately 40 minutes. Booking and appointments are made at the Sauna & Spa Information desk. For access to the sauna area you need the ticket Tropics & Sauna or the Extra Sauna & Spa (automatic booking by passing the turnstiles to the sauna area).

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The tropical Südsee is the size of five Olympic swimming pools

The tropical Südsee is the size of five Olympic swimming pools

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