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Ready for a world of fun and adventure? In OHANA Town at Tropical Islands you'll experience a wide range of exciting activities: From challenging dart games, to exciting billiards matches, to relaxed table soccer duels.

But that's not all! Put your singing talents to the test in our private karaoke box, challenge friends to a round of bowling on our state-of-the-art lanes, and enjoy culinary highlights in our exquisite restaurant. And for those looking for a mix of skill and strategy, our shuffle-board offers hours of fun.

The best part? This entertainment area is open not only to guests of OHANA Lodge, but to all visitors to Tropical Islands. So grab your friends and experience unforgettable moments of fun and enjoyment together!

Let's go! - OHANA bowling 

Ready to see the pins fall? Grab your crew and head to our state-of-the-art bowling lanes! OHANA Town offers you the ultimate bowling experience in a tropical atmosphere.

Swing the ball, show off your skills and experience thrills with every throw. With six state-of-the-art lanes, exciting competitions and lots of fun are guaranteed. Whether you're a bowling pro or a beginner, it's all about strikes, spares and lots of action!

Culinary Paradise: OHANA Town Restaurant

A culinary adventure awaits you at OHANA Town Restaurant. Immerse yourself in a world of delights and discover various delicious dishes that will send your taste buds on a journey.

Our talented kitchen team is passionate about creating dishes inspired by flavours from around the world. From exquisite starters to hearty main courses and heavenly desserts, there's something for everyone.

Cheers to Good Times: The OHANA Town Bar

Ready for an unforgettable evening? We invite you to our OHANA Town Bar for an exciting experience where pleasant company meets refreshing drinks.

Our bar is not just a place to quench thirst, but a place to celebrate life. From classic cocktails to trendy creations, our drinks menu has something special for everyone.


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In the entertainment area of OHANA Town, there are numerous other possibilities for fun and games. Challenging bowling games await you and your friends on one of the six state-of-the-art lanes that will test your accuracy.

For a mix of skill and strategy, Shuffle Board is the ideal choice. Place the discs tactically and enjoy hours of fun.

Exciting duels await you at our professional pool table. Challenge your friends to a game of billiards and experience lots of fun together.

Table football, a classic that never goes unfashionable, offers exciting duels and ensures smiling faces.

In our private karaoke box, you can put your singing talents to the test and experience unforgettable karaoke moments with friends.

OHANA Town's entertainment area promises versatile and entertaining hours for you and your friends. Dive into the world of fun and games!

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