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Tropical Islands
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Diving at Tropical Islands
Tropical Sea
Tropical Sea
Fun in the Tropical Sea

    Tropical Sea, Sandy Beach, Palm Trees

    and Diving in the South Pacific

    Pull up a sun lounger and take the weight off your feet! The Tropical Sea (200 meters long) is the perfect place to enjoy the beach or take a dip in the balmy waters. For our youngest visitors there is a paddling area with fun-packed water toys and the sandy beach is just perfect for building sandcastles under the palm trees. Explore our boat “Princes Moanna“ on the horizon,  filled with mysteries, action, fun and very cool waterslides.

    The Tropical Sea at Tropical Islands has the size of three Olympic swimming pools and the water is an inviting 28 °C. On cloudless days, the sun shines through the transparent roof panels and you will catch a healthy tan. Do not forget to use sun screen.

    Please note

    The Tropical Sea and the Lagoon might be closed between 2.00 a.m and 9.30 a.m. due to cleaning work.

    Introduction to diving in the Tropical Sea

    The Tropical Sea is perfect for diving. Enjoy a true underwater adventure with our introduction to the exciting world of diving. Breathing underwater is an experience you will never forget!


    Daily at 11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m, except on the last weekend of the month.

    Impressions from Janets and Jennys first diving.


    € 45.00

    ca. 3 hours

    Services included


    Instructional material

    Diving equipment for duration of programm

    Theory and praxis from skilled PADI IDC Staff Instructor

    Certifiicate after successfull finish


    On the following days and subject to availability the programme costs just 35 € per person.

    If it also happens to be your birthday, you pay only 25.00 €

    Offer days

    • Men Dive Day: 03.05.2017, 05.07.2017, 02.08.2017, 06.09.2017, 04.10.2017, 01.11.2017, 06.12.2017
    • Anyone can dive: 10.05.2017, 12.07.2017, 09.08.2017, 13.09.2017, 11.10.2017, 08.11.2017, 13.12.2017
    • Kids Dive Day (Children of 10-17 years): 17.05.2017, 19.07.2017, 16.08.2017, 20.09.2017, 18.10.2017, 15.11.2017, 20.12.2017
    • Woman´s Dive Day: 26.04.2017, 24.05.2017, 26.07.2017, 23.08.2017, 27.09.2017, 25.10.2017, 22.11.2017, 27.12.2017

    Christmas Special Offer

    From 25 to 29 December you can dive at our special discount rate.


    Subject to change without notice.

    Further Information for Registration

    • Conditions: Age 10 and over, no health problems, must be able to swim
    • Maximum group size: 8 people
    • Contact for Booking: at the Sauna & Spa information desk. Or register in advance without obligation by sending an email with the number of participants, time and date to:

    The tropical paradise

    Water Worlds

    Dive into the enchanting water world at Tropical Islands. Relax in the Lagoon with its grotto and waterfall. Visit the Tropical Sea with its 200-metre long sandy beach and paddling area. Set your heart racing on Germany's tallest water slide tower with its four hair-raising rides. Adrenalin guaranteed!

    Further information for your visit

    Tropical Islands als Arbeitgeber - folge dem Ruf der Tropen!

    • EXTRAS: monatliches Mitarbeiterguthaben und vielfältige Rabatte
    • LECKER: Essen im Mitarbeiter-Restaurant
    • FLEXIBEL: Arbeitszeitmodelle, Fort- und Weiterbildungen
    • KOSTENLOS: Shuttlebus im Resort; Arbeitskleidung
    • GESUND: professionelle Analysen, Fitness-Club, -Kurse, u.v.m.
    • TÄGLICH: Südsee und Sandstrand unter Palmen …
    • SPASS: regelmäßige Mitarbeiter-Events wie Weihnachtsfeiern usw.