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Our perfect family day at Tropical Islands

10:30 - Arrival

We wanted to treat ourselves once again to a really nice family day where everyone is happy. Our requirements: Water fun and action for children and relaxation and recharge for us parents, with no need for long travel times. Most of all we would like to have a special atmosphere, something exotic to give a real holiday feeling, with beach, palm trees and South Seas ... What could be more ideal than TROPICAL ISLANDS!

10:50 - Head to Südsee

Of course, the children wanted to go swimming right away. So we set of for Südsee right away.

First we went to lagoon. We made time for a quick stop to look at the REAL flamingos in the mangrove on the way.

11 a.m. - Off to Südsee

At the Tropical Sea  arrived, Leonie and Paul plunged straight into the water. Out on the horizon, is the Princess Moana, a colourful play boat with slides - we also had a lot of fun, because the pool is simply enormous!

12:30 - Lunch at Mondial Food Court

At noon, however, we had worked up an appetite. Leonie wanted  pizza, Paul preferred to have a burger. You know the dilemma. But there’s a simple solution: In the Mondial everyone was served something tasty, sushi, salad or fast food (yes, for once I also had a burger). Afterwards we had a nice meal on the central square, the Pasar.

1.30 p.m - Relaxing on the sun loungers

After the meal, the first thing on the agenda for us was to chill on the sun loungers at the Südsee. It felt like being on holiday - and the children? They were of course right back in the water.

2 p.m - Trying out the new outdoor area AMAZONIA

Last year we saw a lot online about the new outdoor area  and we really wanted to try it out for ourselves. Paul tried the Whitewater River extensively - and found it to be good.

3 p.m - Treasure hunt in Tropino and couple massage

While the children went on a treasure hunt with the pirate, we used the quiet moment for a Thai massage. Relaxation is also necessary especially for parents.

4 p.m - balloon flight

What we all really enjoyed was our ride on the basket balloon. You fly over all the attractions at a height of up to 22 metres, a stunning view!

By the way: If you want to go higher we advise to try the Tethered balloon, which goes up to a height of up to 60 metres.

4.30 p.m Frozen Yogurt Station

Then it was time for a sweet treat - on request there is the Frozen Yoghurt also lactose-free or natural less sweet options. Once again, Tropical Islands has something for every taste ...

5 p.m - testing the water slide tower

Of course, the children had spotted it already and were eagerly waiting to finally try it out: The Waterslide Tower. I have to say, it's not just the children who like it. Once down the blue turbo slide and you're wide awake - guaranteed!

6.30 p.m - Dinner at Sawadee

In the evening we have Sawadee. At the Asian buffet, everyone could select how they wanted to full their plate. The choice of fresh ingredients is really large!

8 p.m - Lagoon

Oops, so late already!

But that doesn't matter at all at Tropical Islands, because you can still go swimming at night. The lagoon is ideal for this, because when it gets dark, the colourful lights make it look like something straight out of a fairy tale. One last round of tropical water fun and then there was a cocktail at the bar - non-alcoholic for me and the kids.

Then it was already time to say goodbye to Tropical Islands and say see you next time when we're back again looking for a relaxing break from everyday life.

Tropical Sea
The tropical Südsee is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools

The tropical Südsee is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools