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Our perfect couples day at Tropical Islands

10:30 - Arrival

Recently we were at Tropical Islands. We already knew that it is especially popular with families with children. But would we have just as much fun as a couple?

10:50 - Explore the water areas

First we went to lagoon. Definitely recommend checking out the waterfall and grotto! Here you feel instantly on holiday, the atmosphere is unique! 

Next on the agenda was a trip to Südsee on the itinerary - palm trees, sandy beach, warm water, the painted sky in the background - you quickly forget that you are in a former Zeppelin hangar   Thanks to the special foil in the dome roof, you can even get a tan when the sun is shining.

12:30 - Action on the water slide tower

After all the relaxation, it was time for some action. On the slide tower there are four different water slides to choose from easy to turbo.

13:00 - Lunch at Palm Beach Restaurant

Lunchtime - the stomach is growling. At Palm Beach Restaurant I had a delicious tarte. It is located directly on the Südsee, so you have a good view of all the action and the beach.


14:00 - mini golf

In the hangar there is also a cool mini golf course - we had fun!

15:00 - Sauna

After all the action, we relaxed a bit in the sauna  -eight differently themed areas in all! There the decision was a no brainer. difficult. 

16:30 - Tropical Islands AMAZONIA

Last year we saw a lot online about the new outdoor area  and now we really wanted to try it out for ourselves. Action in the Whitewater River, relaxation in the outdoor pool - Everything you need! In summer you can even relax on the lawn or play beach volleyball.

16:50 - Rainforest

On the way to the massage, we walked through the rainforest  walked, this is quite romantic, as the path winds for a kilometre through the lush greenery consisting of 50,000 plants and 600 species. Passing exotic animals and the mangrove, home to flamingos, turtles and fish.

18:30 - Couples massage

To top off the relaxation, we treated ourselves to a Thai pa massage  

19:30 - Dinner at Tropical Garden

In the evening, Tom surprised me with an invitation to a three-course meal at Tropical Garden . What can I say - great atmosphere, delicious food and great drinks = happy Anna!

Thanks Tom <3 

23:00 - Palm Beach

After the delicious meal, we went back to the Südsee again and got fruity cocktails at the bar.

There's even a sunset!

Tropical Sea
The tropical Südsee is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools

The tropical Südsee is the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools