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Tropical Islands
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Angkor Wat Temple
Stone Sauna
Tree Sauna in the Jungle Village
Salt Grotto
Crystal Steam Bath

    Europe's Biggest Tropical Sauna & Spa Complex

    Pure Relaxation

    Our amazing Tropical Sauna & Spa has no less than seven different areas spread over a 10,000 square metres site at the edge of the rainforest. Enjoy a truly unique spa experience.

    The sauna and spa facilities are housed in models of ancient temples and inspired by the sights and sounds of the rainforest.

    In addition, constructed on stilts five metres above the ground, the wooden Jungle Village and other huts house a range of saunas and steam baths.

    Tropical Islands with Europe´s biggest tropical Sauna & Spa Complex is located in the popular nature and recreation area Spreewald and is therefore an appealing destination for lovers of nature and culture enthusiasts.



    Children € 39.50

    Inclusive Services

    Sauna & Spa

    Tropical World

    Parking space

    Fitness club

    Shuttle bus

    Tropino Club for Kids

    Guaranteed admission up to 12 noon on the booked date

    Outdoor Area AMAZONIA

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    Tropical Sauna & Spa Dress Code

    Our dress code

    We recommend that you visit the entire tropical Sauna & Spa area naked or wearing just a towel or bathrobe. Please wear light clothes when visiting the restaurants.

    No clothes or bathing costumes are permitted in the sauna cabins and whirlpools. Wearing a towel in the sauna is permitted as long as you do not sweat directly onto the wooden benches or put your feet on the benches.

    The best way to enjoy your sauna

    In the heat of the sauna, you need to be able to sweat freely. As the moisture evaporates from your skin, it cools you down – otherwise you would not be able to stand the temperatures of 60-100°C. This means that you need to be naked or just wear a towel. Wearing a bathing costume would be very uncomfortable, as well as unhygienic.

    Opening Hours Sauna
    Monday to Sunday 9.00 a.m. until 12.00 midnight

    Subject to change without notice.

    Saunas at Tropical Islands

    Angkor Wat Temple

    Stone Sauna

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    Inside the Angkor Wat Temple, you will find the Stone Sauna. Here, the temperature is 90°C with 20-25% humidity. There are three different levels for you to enjoy. We also carry out regular steam treatments with traditional bitter fragrances that stimulate circulation and gently aid skin purification. Vitality showers and the fine atomized spray of the Misty Grotto are perfect for cooling down.

    Herb Sauna in our Inipi herbal sweat lodge

    Herb Sauna

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    In our Inipi herbal sweat lodge radiant heat is combined with selected herbs. Natural herbal essences are distilled using a copper drum. Every seven minutes the liquid passes onto the heat, the humidity in the room increases and a pleasant aroma is released into the air.

    Tree Sauna in the Jungle Village

    Tree Sauna

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    The Salasaca Tree Sauna is located in the Jungle Village. The temperature is 95°C and humidity just 20-25%. Steam treatments with natural aromas stimulate circulation and skin purification.

    Healing Clay Bath

    Healing Clay Bath

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    In the Campur Campur Natural Beauty Sauna, care and health treatments are a special experience, you will get them at the Sauna & Spa Information. In a thin layer, it removes slacks from your body. After 15 minutes of steam treatment, a warm rain falls to wash off the mask; finally the vitality shower completes the experience.

    Salt Grotto

    Salt Grotto

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    The Gunung Mulu Salt Grotto Meditation is located inside the Alcantara Canyon. It's named after one of Malaysia's largest National Park of caves.

    The radiant heat of around 68°C coming from the walls and 15% air humidity mean that the body warms up slowly and starts sweating only after 15-20 minutes. This ensures a gentle detoxification process.

    The Palaneri Mud Hut

    The Palaneri Mud Hut

    The Palaneri Mud Hut offers relaxation in an Australian ambience with temperatures at 65-75 °C and humidity levels at 15-30%.

    Steam Baths at Tropical Islands

    Crystal Steam Bath

    Crystal Steam Bath

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    The temperatures in the crystal steam bath are a mild 42-45°C. Combined with 100% air humidity, this aids the body's natural regeneration process. Eucalyptus and mint essential oils are added to the steam and help cleanse the respiratory system.

    Whirlpools in the Tropical Islands



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    The Waiotapu whirlpools massage your back and spine. In the evening, light effects with a varied play of colours ensure additional relaxation.

    Further information for your visit

    Hi Kids!

    At the moment i´m very busy. I create a new water playground for you. Sorry if things are a little crowded next to the Tropical Sea at the moment. Please use the services of the Tropino Club for Kids. Children are welcome here anytime!

    Tropical Islands as an employer - Follow the call of the tropics

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    • TASTY: Meals at the staff restaurant
    • FLEXIBLE: Working hours, training schemes and continuing education
    • FOR FREE: Shuttle bus within the resort; work clothes
    • HEALTHY: Professional health checks, fitness club, courses, and lots more
    • DAILY: Tropical Sea and palm-fringed sandy beach …
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