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Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: N/A
Adult Companion Required
8 years
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35,000 square meters of outdoor space


Pororoca - the standing wave

Tropical Islands makes it possible: to surf in the tropics. Now you can feel like you're on holiday on the waves of Hawaii in the AMAZONIA outdoor area in Brandenburg, very close to Berlin! The new attraction proudly sports the name Pororoca, which means "big roar". The phenomenon occurs once a year in the Amazon. Triggered by the tides, at full moon, particularly in March and April, the tidal wave from the ocean is pushed up the Amazon against the stream. The waves reach up to four meters in some places, making it a mecca for surfers.



The Pororoca is designated sports facilities. It may be used from the age of 8, at your own risk and only by swimmers. We reserve the right to close temporarily at any time due to the weather or for repairs.

30 minutes/€ 20.00 per person



212 €

145 €